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The Lost Meadow

General Rules

General Rules
Celestial Unicorns
Jem Snakes
Random Critters

  1. Must have a website that is PG13 appropriate.  Also, no neopets.
  2. Do not steal, my creatures or claim them as your own.  I created them, they are mine.
  3. Do not change my creatures in any way, shape or form, except to change the size to fit the page, without my permission.
  4. So that I know that you read the rules, put cedar in the comments section of the form.
  5. Must put the creature up in two weeks or it will be considered abandoned.  If you can't please e-mail me and I will extend the time within reason. 
  6. Tell me when your creature is up and register it with me.
  7. Must have a visible link to my homepage.
  8. This is not a rule, but please be creative with names.
  9. Must have stats table up by the creature.  I will give you what you need for your stats table when the adoption is approved.
  10. Do not copy creatures from my site onto yours.  Save the images to your own computer.

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