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The Lost Meadow

Celestial Unicorns

General Rules
Celestial Unicorns
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   Please do not put more than seven Celestial Unicorns on a page unless it is for a Glory. 

Glories:  A Glory is a group of Celestial Unicorns.
     Only Royalty or Ancient unicorns can lead, unless there is one with royal blood in it that you want to lead.  Those can lead above all types of Celestial Unicorns except for Royalty unicorns.
     You can have more mares (females) than stallions (males), but you can not have more stallions than mares.
     Remember to register your Glory with me when it is completed.
     Each Celestial Unicorn must have it's stats table up by it and must say if it requires permission to be breed or not.

Breeding rules:
   They cannot be closely related.
   They can breed outside of their Glory, but it is rare.
   Paired Celestial Unicorns cannot breed outside of their pairing.
   They can breed with other types, but it results in a half-breed.
   Half-breeds can also breed, but it results in a mix.
   A mare may have twins, but it is extreemly rare.
   Some Celestial Unicorns may require getting permission before being bred.

   Royalty:  The only type to have a horn with a gem incrested band.
   Ancients:  The oldest type of Celestial Unicorn.  The only type with a beard.  (Stallions only and as such will result from a breeding between an Ancient and another type)
   Warriors:  Sometimes have a broken horn, or scars.  Some will wear armor.
   Racers:  Have incredible speed.  They have some type of destinguishing mark or tattoo on one haunch.
   Workers:  Are large and built for hard labor.
   Eventers:  Are incredible jumpers.  They have some type of destinguishing mark or tattoo on one shoulder.
   Mage:  Although all Celestial Unicorns have the power to heal and talk in any tongue, a select few have other magical gifts.  They can control one or more of the elements or some type of object.  You can recognize them by their jewlery.
   Half-breed:  A cross between two types.
   Mix:  A cross of three or more types.

Available Celesital Unicorns

See adopted Celestial Unicorns and Glories.

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