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My Adopted Friends
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Dragon's Lair

These two dragons are from



Sommerland dragon orphan
Recently, a war swept through the world of Sommerland, devastating the landscape and those dwelling within. The enemy, lead by an evil gargoyle named Scremlin, cut down a large section of one of the magnificent forests to make weapons for his army.
This orphaned dracling was found, covering a tree stump in a desperate attempt to save his forest home. This little dragon would love a home among the trees with other young dragons to play with, but most of all he needs a loving parent to look after him and guide him through his first years of life.


Sommerland dragon orphan
From the heavens, this celestial dragon brings warmth to the other dragons on the world. She has set it upon herself to bring guidance and love to all creatures, no matter what their past has been. Her luminescent, glowing presence can be seen as merely a white flash in the corner of your eye, or she may make herself known by touching you with a gentle word or thought.
This angelic dragon wishes nothing more than to spread warmth and love around; she desires nothing more than a friend, and a webpage to live on, so that she may continue to bring peace to the world.