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My Adopted Friends
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Hi, I'm Streaked Rain, but my friends call me Streak.  That's 'cause I'm so fast...all you see when I run by is streaks of grey and blue!  Anyways, a new Stormwulf has just moved in, you will see her later.  Although, she is not the same exact type as me and we usually argue and get into fights, it is still nice to have her around, I can't quite explain it.  Her name is Ice Princess.  Now, if you don't mind, you cought me in the middle of my exercise routines.  I have to be ready, incase I am needed to fight.  I am, after all, a warrior.


Name: Streaked Rain

Gender: Male

Subspecies: Rain

ID: SWRM0005

Pack: None

Genetics: MM|FF|dd|Bb|TT|WW|Cc|hh|ee

Hi there!  I'm Ice Princess, but you can call me Selene.  I was sent here so that Streak to protect me.  I love to frolick around, but I think that bothers Streak.  Mybe not bother, but more worry. He is always telling me that it I don't stop playing around, I'm going to get hurt.  Well, I'm sure he understands, and I'm going to get him to play with me sometime!  Maybe if you come back later, there will be more of us here!  In the meantime, I recomend that you vistit the unicorns.  They are sooo much fun!


Name: Ice Princess
Gender: Female
Subspecies: Ice
ID: SWIF0002
Pack: None
Genetics: MM|Ff|Dd|BB|Tt|Ww|Cc|hh|Ee

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