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My Adopted Friends
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Hearing some water you walk through some trees to discover that you have made your way into some sort of meadow.  It is quite small, but very serene.  You notice that the water you heard is a small creek that you must cross to get to the bright green grass, colorful flowers, and delectible looking berries and apples.  As you carefully cross the creek on the stepping stones, you nearly colide with a beautiful equine looking creature.

"Hello there Stranger.  I am a Serian, and at this time the only one.  I may look equine-like, but my kind didn't always look that way.  We went through some hard times and decided to take this shape to servive.  For the time, I am awfully lonely right now, altough I can visit the other creatures of this land.  I can't wait until there are more of my kind here!  Then we can form a Circle, also known as a herd in equine terms.  Even though I long for others of my own kind, I do enjoy playing with the unicorns of this land, especially Butterscotch.  She is a Painted Unicorn and my best friend.  Please, go visit her on your way out.  "

Special Stats:

All Serians are from