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My Adopted Friends
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Drago's Dragons


Name:  Dashyr
Species: Sea Dragon
Sex:  Male
Color(s): Purple, Pink, Blue

Horns: H, H* (Full Horns, carrier of large horns)
Muzzle: M*, M* (Round Muzzle)
Feet: F^^, F^^ (Webbed Feet)
Arms: A*, A* (Forelegs)
Hind Legs: l*, l (Normal Hind Legs, carrier of no hind legs)
Spines: s*, s* (No spines)
Tail: T*, T* (Large tail)
Ears: E*, E* (Not Visible)
Wings: w,w (No wings)

Condensed Version:
H, H*; M*, M*; F^^, F^^; A*, A*; l*, l; s*, s*; T*, T*; E*, E*; w, w